Our Story

Before there was chocolate, there was cocoa. Dark Sugars is the story of one African woman’s journey to tell the story of cocoa - from tree to tummy.

Nyanga began her quest in Spitalfields Market with just two truffles and a lot of chutzpah. Soon enough people fell in love with the authentic taste of the truffles and word got around about the woman who was bringing the sweet taste of Africa in the form of chocolates.

This journey then continued to the famous Borough Market, where people would queue up to taste the irresistible chocolate that everyone would rave about. After many exciting years at Borough, Nyanga packed up her truffles and flew to South America and West Africa; where she spent three years researching cocoa on her family's farm. She returned feeling excited to bring her experience in Ghana to the streets of East London.

In 2013, Nyanga began her next adventure of bringing her handcrafted chocolates to Brick Lane. Known for it’s famous curry houses, Nyanga revitalised Brick Lane by bringing the authentic taste of African cocoa. People came to the shop from all around the world just to get a little taste of Ghanaian cocoa beans.

Today you can find Dark Sugars on Brick Lane, a Dark Sugars ice cream shop in Greenwich and a 4 storey flagship Cacao House in Greenwich that has recently opened at the end of 2021, with more sites on the horizon. When you walk into Dark Sugars you will be immediately transported to West Africa by taking in the aroma of roasting cocoa beans, admiring the African imported decor, watch mango slices swirling in luscious dark chocolate, taste the sinful thickness of Pitch Black Hot Chocolate and listen to African music that will make you want to sway your hips to the sound of the Senegalese sabar.

At Dark Sugars it’s about the whole experience and we want to bring you quality chocolate without pretension and with all the passion of our rich and vibrant culture. Come on by and ‘Make Yourself Happy.’