Classic and exotic flavours infused into an 85% dark chocolate ganache. Welcome to the dark side. Your truffle box includes an assortment of all the Dark Sugars truffles;

Apricot Brandy, Coffee Walnut, Cardamon & Orange, Chilli, Overdose, Stem Ginger & Honey, Tia Maria Coffee, Vodka & Orange, Gin & Lime, Flambéed Cognac and Matcha. Try not to eat them all in one go. 

Contains:  ALCOHOL   ·  DAIRY   ·  NUTS  ·  GLUTEN

Non-Alcoholic option available 

Keep refrigerated. Consume within 7-10 days. 

*All chocolates are handmade so size and number per box may vary. Box sizes below indicate minimum number of pieces per box.*

*9-10 Assorted Truffles 80g - £14.00
Assorted Truffles Assorted Truffles Assorted Truffles Assorted Truffles